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Introducing the Royal Arts Prize 2018 Visitors Choice Award Winners:

Wendy Freestone and Alice Cescatti

Exhibiting from the 8th - 18th of April

Private View 9th April 6.00 - 8.30


Alice Cescatti_Inheritance 1_100x100cm.j

About the Artists:

Studio - 1.jpeg

Alice Cescatti

Alice Cescatti is a New Zealand Artist based in London. Her paintings are all water gilded in silver and gold leaf on wood panels. Cescatti has mastered this technique enabling her to describe light, water and colour in a unique way for her new Series of Ocean Paintings.

Wendy Freestone

Wendy's work explores themes of family and home, concepts of memory and moment, more recently in observation. She works in a variety of materials, currently mainly in cast bronze using the lost wax process, but also in aluminium, gold and silver plate. Each body of work frequently consists of multiple pieces and sometimes in a range of materials.

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