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Into the Light

An exhibition by two artists: Tom Young and Edward Jonkler.


All proceeds from the exhibition will support The Rebecca Dykes Foundation


Monday 10 - Saturday 15 December 2018

10 30am – 6 30pm

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Last December Rebecca Dykes, a young British diplomat, was senselessly killed in Lebanon. Shortly after her death, the Rebecca Dykes Foundation was set up by friends and family to channel her energy and build a legacy. The
Foundation, which aims to build more stable communities in Lebanon with a focus on empowering women and improving the lives of the many Syrian and Palestinian refugees living there, has already raised over £220,000.

Now, almost a year on from Rebecca’s tragic death, the Foundation is hosting an exhibition displaying paintings of the places she loved and photographs of the humanitarian work she was passionate about.

Edward Jonkler  

Edward is a London based freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer focusing on the Middle East and the refugee crisis in Europe.

He has worked across Europe, Kenya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza and Syria amongst other places and is fully accredited and trained to work in hostile environments. His work has been featured in the Guardian, Vanity Fair, Esquire Magazine, Huffington Post, CNN, Associated Press, The Art Newspaper, Contra Journal, The World Weekly, Creative Boom, The Big Issue, and Sidestory.

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Tom Young

My architectural training informs my interest in light and space. I make sketches from life and often supported by photos, filter these experiences through memory in the studio. I combine thick
impasto oil and thin watercolour washes. Paint is brushed, dripped, flicked, scraped, slashed and wiped to achieve visceral expressions of meaning and movement.

I'm interested in blurring the boundaries between realism and abstraction, and the paradox of capturing a sense of time in a still image.

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