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Paul Brown

Painting Light with A Brush with India by Daisy Perkins and Georgie Vestey


26th November - 1st December

11 am - 6 pm Saturday until 3 pm 


After a fantastic summer, this new Paul Brown collection features numerous London sunrise paintings.


One of Brown’s favourite views is looking out towards St. Paul’s Cathedral from Waterloo Bridge. Setting up early allows Brown to capture the sun as it rises behind St. Paul’s. This is a rare event,  happening only in the summer months on a clear day. 


Brown is fascinated by the colours created by dawn and dusk. This has led him to paint the sunrise and sunsets in both Venice and Corfu. 

Brown is equally at home painting beach scenes and is well known for his triptych depictions of such scenes. Many of his beach scenes feature his own children and he makes regular painting trips to the beaches of West Wittering and Norfolk. 


'A Brush With India' is an exhibition of paintings by classically trained artists Georgie Vestey and Daisy Perkins.  It follows their residency with SCAD charity based in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.  The work depicts the everyday life, people and landscapes of the local villages.  Inspired by the light, colours, and communities of the area, they have brought together a collection of about 70 paintings. 

SCAD is a social development charity that supports over 600 villages focussing education, healthcare, social support and women's empowerment.  

Daisy Perkins is a classically trained London
based artist.  She trained at London Fine Art Studios where she went on to teach for three years. 

Recently she has focussed on travel while trying to tell the stories of the people and places in which she finds herself, often working with local charities.  A large proportion of her painting is completed on location whether that be in a market or on a



Georgie Vestey is a young London based artist. Having studied at City and Guilds School of Art and London Fine Art Studios she now focuses on painting plein air landscapes.




Drawing inspiration from Seago and Whistler, she finds painting from life leads to an interactive experience, facing the challenge of capturing a moment in time. Georgie can be found painting in beautiful locations such as Scotland and Italy searching for inspiring landscapes. She finds it exciting how her work can enable the exploration of new places and the opportunity to meet new people.

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