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Royal Opera Arcade Gallery is an ideal space for paintings and photography exhibitions. We are perfectly located in the cultural heart of London, in an affluent and dynamic area close to the National Gallery and the St. James´s area of galleries.

Situated at the entrance of the Royal Opera Arcade, the gallery attracts a high-end clientele due to the prestigious art, music and wine shops in the area as well as the famous gentleman´s club in Pall Mall street.

Founded in 2006, we are a full-time commercial gallery established and designed to showcase and sell a wide diversity of art across all media and styles.

The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery gives the artist the opportunity to design and run their own exhibition, instead of being led by a gallery the artist arranges their own show by renting the space. If you are an established artist and think your work can stand up to the scrutiny of the St James’s area of galleries, you can hire the whole gallery for one or more weeks to sell your work.

The gallery is already equipped with everything you might need for your exhibition including plinths, credit card payment machine and hanging system, we will even staff it for you if you decide not to do it personally.

Your individual needs can be discussed at the time of booking.









If you are an established arts promoter and thinking of starting your own gallery or are now representing a group of artists online, this can be a good trial run to get a feel for the business side of the art world without all of the start-up costs.

We have been operating as a gallery for hire service since 2006 and most of our customers choose to return year after year, often twice a year.




Flexible layout

Capacity for 90 standing

Fully equipped kitchen and toilets


Professional hanging system


Lighting system


Air conditioning and heating


Storage space


Plinths for sculptures and easels


Alarm system




Disabled access to ground floor only



For gallery dimensions please see floor plan




Royal Opera Arcade Gallery is available for hire by artists for exhibitions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis:


Weekly: Sunday 8am to Saturday 7pm


A deposit is required to book the gallery,

which is non-refundable.

For availability and rates please call 0207 930 8069 or email:

Elizabeth Mitchell at

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