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Lia Merbilhaa


Exhibiting from 15th - 20th October 2018


proceedings of the exhibition will be used to help the

Institut Paoli-Calmettes for research on breast cancer. 


Lia Merbilhaa conceives unique color palettes that mix and superpose to create shapes not always obvious to the eye.


This work in colors allows her to reinterpret images and emotions resented on her

multiple trips and personal experience.


She feels her painting as a frantic sensation and lives it with passion.

"Lia Merbilhaa's art-work has always been about coming back to the essentials. Stripping the unnecessary and leaving only lines and colours to offer a new way of seeing the world. She re-invents people and places that become a world of her own. All this becomes especially evident after the years 2015 onwards, but she has never refused her past. Her mark being her perception of Light" 


Charles Rutili

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