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Ben Mowll

From the Thames to the Grand Canal 

3rd - 8th of June 

08.00 - 6.00 pm 

Ben Mowll is the President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. He is based in Kent where the varied coastline has always provided him with much of his subject matter. Ben enjoys painting urban scenes too and Venice, where architecture and reflections are in abundance has always fascinated him as a destination. More recently, London with its majestic river, heritage buildings and leafy parks has become a source of inspiration.


His forthcoming exhibition “From the Thames to the Grand Canal, paintings of London, Venice and beyond” will showcase his recent paintings of Venice, London and Kent with some paintings of India and France as well. Ben paints in both oil and watercolour and this exhibition will have approximately fifty oil paintings of varying sizes and about a dozen smaller watercolours. 

Pall Mall, London Oil, 20”x24” £2,850
Tower Bridge and the Thames Oil, 20”x24” £2,850




Instagram: benmowll

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