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Andrew  Hird

Summer Exhibition

10 - 15th June

Andrew Hird's work is from personal experience and starts with location sketches in pencil or paint.

These plein air studies provide the working material for his studio paintings, always referring back to the inspiration of standing in the environment. His eye is drawn by light, line and perspective and these provide the structure for much of his work.

Whether it be the reflections in a rain-washed London cityscape, the far-reaching views and open skies of the English coast, or the warm tones of an Italian landscape, Andrew paints to share his personal world and hopefully transmit some of the pleasure he finds in recording it.

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Andrew Hird is a landscape painter in the traditional style. In an age of abstracted and conceptual art that often attempts to shock or disturb, his work sets a gentle tone that focuses purely on celebrating the world around us. His philosophy is to present images that reveal moments of observation that we feel familiar with but often pass unnoticed in busy and distracted lives.

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Andrew has won various awards and his work is becoming increasingly collected.

He has exhibited at the Mall and ROA Galleries in central London, at the Chelsea Art Society and Patchings Arts Festival, and with the Royal Society of Marine Artists.







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